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Limited 24 hours

We only have 24 hours in a day. But as a medical doctor, how much time do you spend per patient? Let me rephrase this. How much time do you spend diagnosing a patient?

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Honestly speaking, you probably won’t spend a few seconds telling your patient about their diagnosis. It would take minutes to talk to your patient and more to make a decision about their problems.

Steps to diagnosis

For example, let’s say a patient comes to the hospital feeling uncomfortable. What would be the process of diagnosing your patient?

Happy Birthday, Lepius.

I mean, we’re all in the middle of a pandemic. The pandemic has affected you, your friends, and everyone on Earth, but really, it impacted the healthcare professionals the most.

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One factor that impacts health more than ever is technology. Technology is the crux of modern civilization but it is a two-sided sword when it comes to health. Humans have brought about marvelous technological advancements at the expense of putting our health at risk. Since the industrial revolution, people have begun to mass produce goods at factories that emit pollution into the air, water, and soil. This definitely destroys and changes the environment we live in, but essentially we are worried about this issue because our very own survival is determined by it. We breathe the air we pollute, we…

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The world is now afflicted by the lethal and most intense pandemic it has encountered in more than a century. Faced with the rising number of deaths and pervasive terror, communities across the globe have now been pushed to identify areas of tension in their long-forgotten socioeconomic frameworks. In the middle of this chaos, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assumed a vital role in promoting the secure relief and care for displaced peoples. ICT has proven itself to be important not only to improve long-run resistance against potential pandemics in the future, but also to solve the tangential problems that…

Medical and clinical case reports are essential for recording rare cases of illness, disability, and injury. Each report does not only deliver details of a given case, but also include a brief background and further establishes the importance of the case in the medical literature. Therefore, case reports are a major contribution to the development of existing medical knowledge. Medical case reports are published in journals tailored to each specialty (such as oncology, gastrointestinal disease, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders), and some journals even specialize in the publication of case reports.

Image source : The Royal Society of Medicine

From a slightly different perspective, a clinical case is…


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