You Can Expect More, but You’ll Experience the Most

I mean, we’re all in the middle of a pandemic. The pandemic has affected you, your friends, and everyone on Earth, but really, it impacted the healthcare professionals the most.

photo by Russell Tate from Unsplash

At the beginning of the pandemic era, the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals had difficulties finding out what to do with the COVID-19 patients. Well, nobody knew how to deal with or how to cure the patients with the new virus. The founders of Lepius then thought, how can I help the doctors during the pandemic? And that is when they started to put Lepius into the scene. Happy birthday, Lepius!

When making Lepius, the founders realized that they didn’t have to focus only on COVID-19. Even though COVID-19 is a hot potato, other severe rare diseases affect people in many different ways. They knew that adding the feature to search for other rare diseases will help the doctors to cure them.

You then might ask, okay, I get it. But what on Earth is Lepius?

In short, Lepius is a service where doctors or other healthcare professionals search, record, and share case studies much easily. I am happy to introduce our new service, Lepius.

If you’re a doctor or any type of certified medical healthcare professional, you came to the right place. Lepius only allows doctors with their medical degrees to join.

Doctors can search for clinical cases much easily and quickly with our service, Lepius. You’ll be able to communicate by writing and sharing your case studies! An individual’s medical network is limited, but with Lepius, the limitations will disappear. Lepius can create your medical network. You can freely communicate with other healthcare professionals in a variety of fields across regions and times.

Lepius is a system based on SNOMED CT. It automatically corrects different medical terms for each user or institution into internationally standardized terms. Registered cases can be systematically classified to create a more accurate search algorithm.

You can expect more, but you’ll experience the most. When it’s hard for you to make a decision on your own or want better treatment for your patient, you’ll be able to find everything on Lepius. I’ll make things simple for you.

  1. No more borders for your medical network.

Working in a hospital will limit your relationship to just the people in the same hospital. Lepius will eventually become the stepping stone to solving current medical problems, lack of information on severe and rare diseases, and pandemics caused by viruses such as COVID-19.

2. Increases your field of knowledge

Through our service, you’ll be able to communicate with other medical professionals in each various field. Users will be able to improve the quality of their research by interacting with each other, speeding up the progress of their research. They will also be able to identify medical trends by viewing the search terms used by doctors or cases that come up lately.

3. Increase in your work efficiency

You’ve probably been asked common questions like, “how can I be so sure about my diagnosis?” or “ which treatment will be most suitable for this patient?”

Through Lepius, it’s possible to reduce the time to discuss and answer common questions like these in institutions and hospitals. It’ll also reduce the time to search for the materials to answer them. It means that you’ll be able to use your energy to look after your patients more!

4. Revitalize the community between institutions or hospitals.

Sometimes, you should read other case studies to reference for your case report. You’ll be able to ignite the research conducted by each group or expect more people to participate depending on the subject or purpose of your study.

Taking the first step is always hard.

If you start using Lepius at your work, in the hospital, or during your free time, you’ll never be able to escape the fun and joy in it!

Connect, communicate, and share your case with other medical professionals and continue writing your case at ease.

Lepius is on its way to you.



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